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Tackle Household Messes With Our Multi-Purpose Cleaner

Customers across the US adore the cleaning power of SUN MAGIC. While it can be used for heavy-duty cleaning, it's an effective, multi-purpose household cleaning solution that can be used for glass, bathrooms, countertops, and more. Say goodbye to all of those bottles of chemical-laden products beneath your kitchen sink, SUN MAGIC is the only cleaner you will ever need.

Countertop and Windows

How To Use Our Multi-Purpose General Cleaner

To use SUN MAGIC for general cleaning, simply mix 2 ounces with 1 quart of hot water. Once mixed, it can be stored in spray bottles or other household containers. When you want to use it, apply the solution to whatever needs to be cleaned and wipe dry. The cleaner is gentle enough that rinsing isn't necessary. As an added benefit, the solution stays mixed for later use.

Where To Use SUN MAGIC

This effective solution will make your tiles, windows, mirrors, and more shine. You can also use SUN MAGIC to clean:

 » Countertops, Including Formica
 » Furniture
 » Walls
 » Upholstery
 » Woodwork
 » Household Appliances
 » Vinyl
 » Pots and Pans
 » Pre-Treatment for Fabrics
 » Flooring Like Linoleum and Carpet
 » Windows
 » Mirrors
 » Concrete
 » Fireplaces