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Heavy-Duty Cleaning Made Easy

People across the United States count on SUN MAGIC when they need a heavy-duty cleaning or degreasing solution. Our basic mixture of 4 ounces of solution combined with 1 quart of hot water is an effective cleaner to combat everything from engines and rust marks to soap buildup in bathrooms. It's even great for school janitors in charge of cleaning carpets, graffiti, glue, and other hard-to-clean messes. For best results, use with spray bottles, degreasing equipment, pressure guns, and more.

Degreasing and Tough Cleaning:

SUN MAGIC makes the difficult task of degreasing equipment easy. Use 4 ounces of SUN MAGIC to 1 quart of hot water, so 1 pint equals 1.5 gallons. This mixture can be used for restaurant and factory applications and will clean the toughest messes, as well as rust.

To Clean Cars, Boats, and Motorcycles:

  1. Dissolve One Part SUN MAGIC To 35 Parts Hot Water, 1 To 2 Tablespoons Per Quart
  2. Apply With a Sponge To Loosen Soil
  3. Rinse Thoroughly
  4. Buff the Surface With Clean, Dry Cloth

Note: Do Not Apply In Direct Sunlight Or When the Surface Is Hot

To Degrease Car Engines:

  1. Dissolve One Part SUN MAGIC To Seven Parts Hot Water (1 Pint Equals 1 Gallon)
  2. Spray On Warm Engine
  3. Let Stand for Five Minutes
  4. Apply Lanolin After the Second Or Third Application After the Top Dries

Note: Do Not Apply In Direct Sunlight Or When the Surface Is Hot

Remove Fabric Stains:

  1. Place a Clean Towel Underneath the Stain
  2. Use SUN MAGIC In Paste Form On a Dry Cloth and Rub Gently Directly On Stain Until It's Removed
  3. Rinse
  4. Iron To Dry

Removing Hard Water Calcium:

  1. Dissolve One Part SUN MAGIC To 35 Parts Hot Water (One To Two Tablespoons Per Quart)
  2. Wipe With a Wet Cloth Or Use a Soft-Bristled Brush

Removing Soap Scum and Mildew:

  1. Apply In Paste Form
  2. Let Stand for 10 Seconds
  3. Wipe Clean With Hot Water and Soft-Bristled Brush Or Cloth

Motorcycle, Shirts, and Bathroom

How To Use for Tough Cleaning:

  1. Apply Thoroughly To Degreasing Equipment, Pressure Guns, Steam Cleaners, Floor Scrubbing Machines, and More (For Best Results, Use a Spray Bottle)
  2. For Engines and Ovens, Apply Evenly and Let It Stand On the Warm Surface for 10 To 15 Minutes
  3. Scrub and Rinse Lightly, Then Wipe Dry (There Are No Toxic Fumes)
  4. For Most Other Surfaces, Apply Mixture, Work In With Normal Washing Materials, and Rinse