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Sun Magic

Used In Industry, School, Office, and Home

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Say Good-Bye To Messes With Natural Cleaning Products

With more than 35 years of experience in the cleaning industry, we're proud to offer SUN MAGIC. Our effective natural cleaning product is safe to use on many different surfaces, from bathroom sinks and mirrors to ovens and automobiles. Customers nationwide enjoy our product because it's free from harsh chemicals, ammonia, and abrasives, leaving surfaces clean and film-free.

Compared to our competitors, SUN MAGIC smells better and brings out the natural shine in stainless steel, chrome, porcelain, bathroom tiles, and glass. All it takes is one try using SUN MAGIC in your home or office, and you'll be sold. It can be used in spray bottles, carpet cleaners, or degreasing machines and has the power to replace all of your other cleaning products, from your bathroom cleaner to your floor cleaner. SUN MAGIC does it all.


Our water-based, green cleaning product is a dependable, multi-purpose solution. It's the ideal household cleaner and perfect for furniture, household appliances, walls, woodwork, and much more. It's also gentle enough to pre-treat fabric stains.

General Cleaning

When you need a cleaner to cut through grease and hard-to-remove stains or messes, count on SUN MAGIC. As a heavy-duty product, our all-natural cleaner is effective at cleaning everything from machinery, graffiti, soap scum, and more.

Tough Cleaning

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